About Krystal

Krystal Snider has 10+ years of experience working in the non-profit field for feminist agencies. She specializes in supporting agencies working with those who have experienced gender-based violence with particular expertise in human trafficking. As a survivor herself of human trafficking, coupled with her years of experience in the field, Krystal has led a variety of community development responses to identify, support and build systemic capacity to reduce barriers to accessing services. Krystal uses trauma-informed, intersectional, anti-oppressive and human rights-based approaches.



Collaborative Community Solutions provides consulting to motivate systems level changes from the community. We are experts at cross-sector relationship building and sustainable program development that considers the unique needs of individuals accessing services.

Public Speaking

Krystal has spoken to a variety of audiences, including fire departments, front-line workers, doctors, students, and those working to end gender-based violence. She is able to facilitate her message to groups as large as 250 people and as intimate as 10 people. If you are looking for someone to speak to your group about gender-based violence, human trafficking, and community collaboration, connect with us!


We provide agency and individual training on the identification and intervention of human trafficking and symptoms of trauma associated with gender-based violence. In our agency training, we take a specific look at the ways in which trafficking will appear in the agency.

Free Virtual Empowerment Workshop

At Collaborative Community Solutions, we believe that one way we can prevent human trafficking is by empowering young girls and non binary youth at a young age. We provide engaging workshops that are based on naming the tools that we have in place and discussing gender stereotypes while fostering healthy mind and body connection.


What is gender based violence

What is gender based violence

What is gender based violenceIf you go on social media or read various articles on the internet, you’ll likely see people trying to create change and make the world a better, safer place for women. Despite these efforts towards progress and empowerment, gender-based...

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Who is Most at Risk for Human Trafficking?

Who is Most at Risk for Human Trafficking?

Who is Most at Risk for Human Trafficking?Human trafficking is a heinous crime that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a major violation of human rights where individuals are forced or tricked into exploitation through coercion, deception, or outright force...

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