Girlife Collab

Welcome to our Finding Your Voice empowerment workshop series!!

Research shows that a girls self confidence peaks at nine. 9 YEARS OLD, then there is a dip in their confidence and self esteem throughout adolescence. Each one of these virtual workshops build on the foundation that your child is strong, worthy, and absolutely amazing. Youth that attend our workshops express feeling more connected to others their age, and increase in self confidence and validated about issues that they are experiencing.

Over these 8 weeks we will talk about The right to choose happiness, reframing our thoughts, the power of gratitude, Mindfulness and meditation, Setting goals, finding our voice through intuition and celebrating each other and ourselves!! Each week we highlight our strengths while leaving with a creative art project to remind us of what we’ve learned. Each art piece becomes a tool that the youth can add to their tool box when they are struggling to feel empowered.

Space is limited so register early by filing out the form below!

We have so many great workshops coming up this month! Join us for the “New Year Same Me!” series. We are holding workshops on Monday for youth ages 6-11 and Thursday evenings for ages 12-16. Please fill out the form below to register!

Week 1

We will discuss setting ourselves up for success and navigating the transition back to school where we will be creating art to showcase and how we will navigate challenging moments. 

Week 2

In the “Becoming my own BFF” workshop we will gain additional skills for self love and building healthy relationships with ourselves. Together the youth will create selfie friendship bracelets. 

Week 3

We will together talk about the parts of us we are taking into this school year that serve us! We will highlight what about us is amazing and special and how we nurture that. 

Week 4

In honour of National Truth and Reconciliation day we will be discussing diversity. We will create an “all hearts together” mural and display our love and appreciation for our diverse selves and others!




    She was shy at first but she really loosened up. Can’t wait for the next one!

    They came running up and said, “she wants to do an in person workshop and we want to go!”
    Great workshops, my girls loved it!